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On Air and Online

September 28, 2017: Interview at My Kid is Gay about Counseling Transgender and Non-Binary Youth.

In March of 2017 I was interviewed on BCTV the day before presenting a training to over 100 mental health clinicians at Brattleboro Retreat in Vermont. Watch the interview here.

Q&A at My Kid is Gay: My Kid Wants to Change Name and Pronouns and Gender Identity at 4 Years Old.

July 15, 2014: Transgender Rights: "The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time"? Where We Live on WNPR, Hartford CT.

March 6, 2014: "The Psychology and Sociology of Coming Out of the Closet," Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR, Hartford, CT.

March, 2014: Trans Youth Equality Foundation, interview recorded in June, 2013 for Transwaves

"Authenticity and Safety — Family Therapy With Transgender Teens", Social Work Today, online edition, November 11, 2011

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